Self-Employed Electrician?

  • No Business Software? - gi ONLINE is a Cloud-based software package designed to assist with managing small electrical businesses.
  • Just starting? - Qualified and ambitious but discovering that managing a company is one of your biggest challenges. Let gi ONLINE help.
  • Well established? - It's never too late to improve your efficiency and reduce your management time.
  • Should I be using a computer? - YES, you should. Don't waste time, or spoil your customer image, with scrappy notes and quotes. gi ONLINE helps you look good.
  • Overwhelmed? - Take control now. Let gi ONLINE take the strain. Get organised, spend less time on needless administration and more time on the tools.
  • Can't afford it? - Good software should always deliver a large return on your investment in it. Each hour of business administration you save potentially gains you another invoiced hour.
  • Can't understand it? - Good software should also be easy to use. Your competitors are computerising - don't let them eat your lunch.

gi ONLINE Does This

  • Job Management - Keep track of each job. Know your workload. Know who needs a quote, an invoice or hasn't paid. Turn up at the right site at the right time.
  • Documents - Prepare and send professional looking quotes and invoices in a fraction of the time taken by hand. Impress your customers with your efficiency - look like someone who should be given their business.
  • Customers - Filter and use your customer information as input to marketing campaigns. Stay in touch and don't let existing customers slip away.
  • Payments - Log customer payments as they come in. Manage deposits and refunds. Log supplier payments. Stay right on top of cash flow.
  • Business Monitoring - keep an eye on number of simple reports that track business performance. Beat business problems by detecting them early whilst there's still time to fix them.
  • Parts List - Instant recall of common materials pricing and your standard job costs when quoting and invoicing. Literally huge time savings.
Why gi ONLINE?
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Entering a New Job

Need to Know More?

Don't hesitate to contact us if if you're interested in gi ONLINE and would like to know a little more about it.

We also have a datasheet that already answers some of the most common questions asked by electricians. It also contains details of pricing and support, as well as the Terms & Conditions when subscribing to gi ONLINE.

Try BEFORE You Buy

We know that choosing business software is a big personal step for you - and we plan to make this as easy as possible by offering you ONE MONTH'S FREE USE of gi ONLINE.

Sign up now if you're excited by what we have to offer, but just need time to be absolutely sure. Start your months free trial, and see how gi ONLINE can help your business.