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There's heaps of material 'out there' in books and on websites, that explain all the ins and outs of small business managment. Our Mini Blogs really just aim to get you thinking about your business - to give you some core ideas so that you will then go and find out more for yourselves.

The Anti-Social Media

I originally wrote this blog back in 2011, and I haven't changed a word! Funny how sometimes things just come true, isn't it?

The Anti-Social Media If anything newsworthy happens anywhere, then almost anyone can get to know about it within a short time. There’s nothing especially new in that. The BBC, for example, has had ambitions along these lines for almost ninety years now..

This one-to-many relationship between a trusted news source and it’s global audience is so comfortably installed in our everyday lives that we are not likely to give it a second thought

“It’s 9 o’clock, it’s the news, I wonder what happened today?”
“There’s a live news team at the scene of the disaster”

Often no filtering or analysis by us is deemed necessary. “It was on the news it must be true.”

Now fast forward to the present day. The trusted sources are still there of course, but they have been joined by brash new cousins, the self-styled ‘Social Media’. Many-to-many is the mantra in the Social Media space. Anyone can be a reporter and anyone can be a consumer of news.

“We can all report on the news.”
“We are that news.”
“We are creating news about ourselves”

It’s that latter statement scares me. It’s a short step from there to state-sponsored propoganda and what lies beyond.

And no, this isn’t a rant against Twitter. I like Twitter and I’m a Twitter user myself. It’s a great social tool when used in context. This blog is me expressing a fear about falling standards of accuracy and verification in the modern media forms. Many-to-many communication is hard, even impossible, to filter or to verify. Nor perhaps should we. It’s spontaneity is its ultimate advantage.

If that is the case though, we should assume that because the Social Media feeds are unverified, sometimes they may also be unreliable. Again this is not new. We’ve been applying those sorts of filters to certain newspapers for many years. However, the many-to-many world is slowly coalescing with the one-to-many world. How many news websites now have Twitter feeds, blogs and even reader’s comments? News itself is morphing into a social medium, and news delivery is becoming interactive.

Right now this is all new enough that most people can sort the wheat from the chaff. We can just about still differentiate between a valid news item and someone’s opinion. However, prolonged exposure to this multi-way information pump could cause us to end up not even knowing what chaff is, never mind how to sift it out.

Do we really want to be there?

"Just one small step....."

Self employment is a something of a step up from a regular job. There's a bunch of things you have to do as part of the working day. It's pretty clear that, right at the beginning, you need to be out on the tools as much as possible - because that's where the money comes from. But if you don't leave just enough space for all the new stuff, then you will follow the route of many before and be back in a regular job.

There is good news! Pretty well all these new tasks are simple and need few skills beyond basic computer knowledge and simple arithmetic. So don't be daunted - get stuck in - you CAN do it!