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There's heaps of material 'out there' in books and on websites, that explain all the ins and outs of small business managment. Our Mini Blogs really just aim to get you thinking about your business - to give you some core ideas so that you will then go and find out more for yourselves.

How Did You Do That?

blog 1 title Personal motivation driven by other people's statements of the blindingly obvious seems to be almost a fashion accessory on the social media these days. The space is littered with motivational aphorisms being posted and re-posted.  

However, in a small business, you cannot live by motivation alone. No matter how fired up you are to achieve something - if you don't actually know how to do that thing, then you will very likely fail.   

Motivation goes hand in hand with skill. The often-quoted Thomas Edison tried until he finally succeeded. He is lauded as a supreme example of human endeavour. But he was also a skilled engineer. He knew what he was doing.   

And this means? If you really, really, really want to do something then don't forget to check where your weaknesses are - and fix them. Then you stand a much better chance of succeeding. Indeed as your skills improve so will your confidence and your motivation. It's but a short step (and a bit of luck) from there to fame and fortune........ 

"Just one small step....."

Self employment is a something of a step up from a regular job. There's a bunch of things you have to do as part of the working day. It's pretty clear that, right at the beginning, you need to be out on the tools as much as possible - because that's where the money comes from. But if you don't leave just enough space for all the new stuff, then you will follow the route of many before and be back in a regular job.

There is good news! Pretty well all these new tasks are simple and need few skills beyond basic computer knowledge and simple arithmetic. So don't be daunted - get stuck in - you CAN do it!