Self-employed Electricians and gi ONLINE

Green Island Software

Green Island Software is a small IT consultancy, based in Ireland, and operating in the UK and Ireland, that specialises in software for managing very small businesses.

Our main product, gi ONLINE, assists with the management of small electrical businesses, but have also worked on websites and social media for several very different types of small business.

Self-employed Electricians and gi ONLINE

Getting the job done

We are the authors of gi ONLINE, the cloud-based software application that helps you to manage small domestic service businesses such as self-employed electricians.

We can offer a range of options from letting you login and going it alone, through to helping you at every step of the process and ensuring that you and your business get the most out of gi ONLINE.

Self-employed Electricians and gi ONLINE

Starting on the Internet

Being new to IT should not be hampering your business. We can help small businesses take their first steps on the Internet.

Options range from a few hours of analysis and helping you to get started, through to providing you with a website and helping you to get started on marketing with the social media.

Self-employed Electricians and gi ONLINE

Our promise

Our mission is to provide the same level of IT skills and experience to small businesses as much larger companies have come to expect.

The difference is that we recognise the cash problems of small businesses and our pricing reflects this. Our rates are highly competitive in the anticipation that a satisfied customer will return again (and again).

David Williams

David Williams Before focusing on the IT needs of the smaller business, Green Island Software founder David Williams was an independent software consultant helping larger companies to become more effective in their deployment of IT and in their software development techniques.

Prior to that he acquired over 20 years experience in the IT industry, and served as Software Development Director or Software Development Manager with a number of successful IT companies.

Manage for Profit

Good marketing will increase your business opportunities. Proficiency in selling to a customer will get you more work. Doing a good job for each customer will practically guarantee they will place more business (or send referrals) your way.  

However, only simple, but effective, business management will maximise business profits.  And, remember, it's the company's profitability (not the customer payments) that ultimately determines how much you make.

Why not let gi ONLINE do some of the heavy lifting?